Bungee Run

Space needed

You need to have an unencumbered space of at least 12 metres x 5 metres x 4 metres high.


It is preferable to have a flat grassed area.

Set up

Bungee Run is secured to the ground using 14 steel pegs that are each 300mm long. So you, the Hirer, must ensure that there are no conduits or pipes etc located below the surface of the ground within the Bungee Run set up area.

Due to the heavy weight of the Bungee Run when rolled up, it is a prerequisite that our delivery van is able to be parked within a few metres of the Bungee Run setup area.

Power needed

The Bungee Run is inflated using a commercial electric blower. So dry and safe access to a power point will be required within 50 metres of Bungee Run location.

Game rules

The idea of the game is that two people compete with each other whilst wearing a harness connected to a bungee cord. They run up the length of the inflatable and place their Velcro tag as far up the run on the adjoining wall as possible – aiming to put it down further along than their opponent! – before the bungee cord pulls them back.

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