Dart Ball

What happens when darts meets soccer? …You get dart ball!

Also known as Soccer Darts, Foot Darts, Kick’N’Darts, Ball Darts, Foot Dart Ball, Foot Flickers, Giant Soccer Darts, or Inflatable Football Darts, to name a few.

Almost anyone can play this, take a quick look at this footage…

The New Craze Among Sports Fans

You probably think the name is completely self-explanatory – and you'd be right. It's darts, played with a velcro football and a huge oversized inflatable sticky dartboard.

Not a soccer fan? That’s okay – we have various “dart substitutes” that will tickle your fancy. We can supply you velcro covered rugby union or rugby league balls, AFL balls, tennis balls etc. instead.

Dart Ball is the latest trend in the U.K.

If the game of darts is your passion, but you perhaps lack hand-eye coordination, foot darts could be the sport for you.

Attention all Soccer Players and Clubs

You soccer players can have some fun while working on your shooting accuracy. Are you trying to work on placing the ball in the corner of goal?

Perhaps playing a little foot darts will help you score more goals or improve your accuracy. Either way, foot darts is a good time. Using a soccer ball that's covered in velcro so it sticks to the board, you try to kick the soccer ball onto the giant dart board.

Fundraising or Promotions

What a great, safe and fun way of raising funds and/or capturing sponsors by using our Dart Ball gear for your club, association or organisation.

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