Frequently Asked Questions

Do you Dry Hire Sumo Suits gear overnight?

Who sleeps in a Sumo Suit?!

An hour or two hire is usually enough for most parties.

The Sumo gear will only be in your way and most likely get damaged or stained by over-enthusiastic guests which the hirer will end up having to pay dearly for. We also help keep the flow of fun going by refereeing and managing the bouts; basically becoming a pseudo-MC for your party event during that little while so you the host can relax and enjoy yourself!

Also, we do not need to charge a huge Security Bond like some of our competition to protect them from mischievous use…as for the desperate operators who risk little or no bond, they're very welcome to the clients who choose to hire from them for that reason. Click here to see a funny video that demonstrates what kind of things people get up to if we are not around which damages the suits!

Short answer, no.

How long do I really need to hire Sumo Suits gear for?

From our many years of experience, we have found that two hours is usually plenty for most private parties. Of course, this depends on how many people at your event are going to participate, and what ages and genders they are. We are happy for you to contact us by phone or email to discuss your booking and we can let you know what we think! (In any case, read the next question.)

If on the night I decide that I want more time with the Sumo Suits gear than what was booked, what do I do?

Let our operator on-site know as soon as you decide this. Provided that the extra time you want does not stop us from attending another scheduled event, you will sign the Authority Form our operator will have that allows us to deduct the current advertised rate on our website from your security bond refund.

Can I pick them up instead of SupaSumo delivering?

Are you crazy? No need to – who wants to drive all over town to pick up and return the Sumo Suits and gear and has a vehicle with the room to transport them as well? There is already enough to do when you're having a party!

Do we have to clean the Sumo Suit gear?

After your party, do you really want to spend over an hour or so of your valuable time cleaning all the gear, and then the expense of cleaning them as you have to when you get them from inexperienced operators who dry hire them overnight!? Of course not, you need time to either clean up your place and or recover from a great night.

With us at SupaSumo, no need to, as our operator looks after that during the course of the party and upon return to base we give them a proper thorough clean and disinfectant which keeps our equipment like new.