Licensee Opportunities

Who’s the Boss…

Have you ever dreamed of being in business for yourself? With us here at SupaSumo you can be in business for yourself but not by yourself.

Have a business that makes people smile and laugh and happy, have a business where people are always pleased to see you when you show up to a party or event because your products are usually the fun & life of the party!

Have a business that is inexpensive to start, has low overheads, no stock to steal, no food to spoil, no inventory to count.

Have a business where you have choice & flexibility to decide when you want to work and where you go. Should you be sick or simply want to take a holiday, relief cover can easily be arranged.

Have a business where you are not alone, a business where you have a support system and resources in place that will help you succeed. The hard yards have been tracked through and established and are continually being improved and developed. Better systems, products and strategies to ensure growth and sustainability in the harsh competitive economic climate.

Have a business where the owner of the group is only a phone call away to help with advice, equipment or business support. You can gain operational item discounts due to our volume and industry suppliers & associations.

You can choose the area you want (provided it is not already taken), choose the activities, services or equipment you want to offer. We can set you up with appropriate hire gear and equipment where you can purchase, lease or hire. We can arrange importing any gear you want—no need to worry about exchange rates, who to use as a supplier, language barriers/misunderstandings, freight companies, delivery hiccups, customs, duties and importing paperwork etc. We can help or supply you with appropriate signage, help or take care of call centre & bookings, marketing media whatever you prefer.

If you want more information and/or you are interested in discussing becoming a SupaSumo Licensee, please feel free to contact SupaSumo's founder directly on 0412 051 839.