Zorb Balls

Our Zorb Balls are the latest sensation in event or party fun! We have a range of sizes of Zorb Balls, 2.6 metre external diameter and 1.8 metre inside diameter, as well as 3 metre external diameter Zorb Balls.

Nova 96.9 using our Zorb Balls for a Celebrity Challenge!

What you get

Space needed

You need to have a large unencumbered space of at least say 30 metres x 10 metres x 4 metres high.


It is preferable to have a flat grassed area to run the Zorb Ball, carpet is fine, as is timber floor similar to basketball courts.

Set up

Due to the weight of the Zorb Ball and numerous bits of equipment, it is a prerequisite that our delivery van is able to park within a few metres of the Zorb Ball setup area.

Power needed

The Zorb Ball is inflated using a commercial electric pump. So dry and safe access to a power point will be required within 50 metres of starting point of Zorb Ball location.


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